Manufacturing & Process Intelligence

1)How to analyze and control increasingly complex, automated and integrated manufacturing processes?
2)How to track generated products, safely and reliably?
3)How to manage the effectiveness and efficiency of an industrial plant, integrated with a complex supply chain, and with operators, machines and equipment interacting in hundreds of simultaneous operations?

Industry 4.0 • Advanced Analytics • Artificial Intelligence
Effective and Stable Industrial Plants and Processes

Increased Traceability, Quality and Stability✔
Maximized and Predictable Production✔
Reduced Costs✔
Production Traceability
Recording and Analysis of Process Parameters
Productive Performance Management
Corporate Control and Operation
Production Parameters Management
Audit and Control of Manufacturing Policies
Real-time and integrated to the production
Information Security, Big Data & Cloud
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The IM2 Intelligence Platform

Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) systems focus on operational excellence and enable the organization to make decisions based on consistent and relevant information extracted from its production lines.
However, the IM2 goes far beyond performance indicators (KPIs) seen in dashboards. It provides the advanced intelligence and analytics layer required by Industry 4.0 - artificial intelligence and machine learning, processing real-time advanced major algorithms that extract knowledge directly from manufacturing control and automation processes.
These sophisticated algorithms analyze the information obtained applying specific knowledge and simulating the professional reasoning of experts in manufacturing processes.
This incorporates an extra layer of knowledge called PI (Process Intelligence) focused on manufacturing process excellence - management and engineering insights used to increase traceability, productivity, quality and reliability.
Extremely fast and non-intrusive implementation, it can be easily integrated even with today's hardware - data collection from factory-based digital communication and industrial networks.

Intelligent Manufacturing Manager
The Software That Powers Intelligent Factories

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Recall Prevention & Mitigation
All produced parts are identified unequivocally (serialization & traceability) and their process parameters and operating conditions recorded. In detecting a nonconformity, it can be identified the root cause of the problem and the universe of affected parts much more accurately, dramatically reducing the direct and indirect costs of a recall. The possibility of unequivocal confirmation of the effectiveness of the implemented solution, as well as the generation of documentary evidence of the analysis process, completes its robustness. The "Prevention" function is activated in conjunction with the "-CTQ (Critical to Quality)" module, and decreases the probability of occurrence of recalls with periodic simulations that identify discrepancies and restrict the number of parts to be tested and / or discarded.
Critical-to-Quality Requirements
It performs online monitoring and history of parameters critical to product quality, including process analog quantities, operating conditions, and quality and compliance test results. It operates in 100% of the production, identifying patterns of behavior (temporal and relational) and detecting nonconformities, working with parameters and patterns of process curves configured manually or generated by mathematical analysis by IM2 itself. In detecting a nonconformity, it can be identified the root cause of the problem much more accurately. The possibility of unequivocal confirmation of the effectiveness of the implemented solution, as well as the generation of documentary evidence of the analysis process, completes its robustness.
Production Asset Management
It calculates and manages the various KPIs (including OEEs) involved in the productivity analysis of a production line, generating relevant information about bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement. With constant mathematical analysis, it detects operational trends and generates with greater assertiveness forecasts for meeting production goals, as well as identifying patterns of behavior (temporal and relational) and benchmarking between plants, lines, teams and shifts. Automatic Identification and classified by impact and relevance of productivity related to equipment failures, quality, performance, supply logistics and operation, allows various departments involved to target resources and investments with assertiveness.
Remote Operations Portal
It allows remote operating and monitoring of the production lines, allowing several departments to interact synergistically from inside or outside the plant, optimizing the flow of information and creating an extremely effective view management.
Product Recipe Management
Automatically manages the distribution of set point data even in lines with intense production mix. It has a central repository accessible via the network, protected by login / password and able to maintain the history of changes made.
Management Policy
It automatically performs standardized warning and / or deadlocking of productive processes whenever there are conflicts with quality standards or protocols and production goals defined by management.

Used and Trusted by Huge Industries

Dedicated to the implementation of projects to control and manage manufacturing complexes in large industrial conglomerates, based on more than 25 years of expertise.
Specialists in industrial automation, artificial intelligence, mission-critical and real-time algorithms and software, we have developed proprietary and exclusive software technology of great relevance for the Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT market.
In industry, the gigantic mass of data generated by manufacturing control and automation processes - which could generate valuable insights to increase productivity, quality and reliability of industrial processes - is wasted.
The solutions available today, which we might call Industry 3.0, do not have the technological capability to perform sophisticated real-time analysis with transparent and secure integration with the shop floor.
Entirely based on modern artificial intelligence algorithms, the IM2 is specialized in production processes and incorporates a number of new technologies that allows data collection and analyzed with industrial-compatible accuracy, connectivity, security, speed and availability.
Our research and development base is located at São José dos Campos Technological Park, the first version of IM2 was lunched at 2014 during SAE Brazil Congress (Society of Automotive Engineers), our market was served implementing our technology in critical processes.

Wide range of industrial processes it can be used

•Traceability with RFID, puncture marking, labels, etc
•Artificial Vision Inspection Systems
•Robotic cells in general: welding, drilling, riveting and manipulation
•Welding processes in general: MIG, Point, Projection, etc
•Lines for heat treatment and painting
•Forming and crimping presses
•Automatic screwdrivers
•Plastic extrusion lines
•Lines for mounting motors and transmissions
•Machining centers
•Transport lines
•Industrial machinery and equipment in general

Easily integrated into existing automations over Ethernet network

PLCs, CNs, Robots, SCADA, Historian, Cameras, Readers, Printers, Markers, Welding Modules, etc

•Siemens S7 PLCs
•Rockwell ControlLogix, CompactLogix and MicroLogix PLCs
•Equipment with Profinet, EthernetIP or Modbus
•Ethernet network equipment - via OPC Client or Server
•Equipment with serial communication (RS232 or 485) - via gateway
•SCADA and Historian - OPC Client or Server
•Database - SQLServer, Oracle, MySQL, Access and Excel
•Special protocols developed on demand - subject to technical and economic viability analysis

Learn more about intelligence technology embedded in IM2


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